Dairy-free / Cruelty-free


DSC02159-300x198Soy milks are readily available in the refrigerated section of any supermarket, and also in the long-life milk aisle. Sanitarium So Good & Vitasoy are just two. They taste good in tea and coffee, and are a great base for smoothies with fresh fruit or a handful of frozen berries.

Soy milks are also a great source of calcium and omega 3.

There are also Almond Milks and Coconut Milk and Coconut Cream most recipes work very well with these alternatives to dairy products.


  • Soy milk – Brands include Sanitarium (all vegan), Vitasoy (all vegan besides the purple calciplus and vitago’s), Freedom foods, Pure Harvest, Australia’s own and Homebrand.
  • Oat milk – Brands include Vitasoy (vegan besides the bone essentials) and Pure harvest.
  • Rice milk – Brands include Sanitarium, Vitasoy and Australia’s own.
  • Almond milk – Brands include Blue diamond almond breeze, sanitarium and Australia’s own.
  • Quinoa milk – Freedom foods brand is available in most supermarkets.


DSC02158-300x160Kingland, Melrose, Plamil, and others (various varieties, made with sunflower oil, water, cider vinegar, sugar, salt, lemon juice, soy beans etc.) available in supermarkets and health food stores.

Copha vegetable shortening is a useful product to use for cooking.




  • DSC02167-300x199Vegusto no-moo piquant and mildly aromatic cheese – available from Everything Vegan, Bliss organic and selected health food/wholefood stores.
  • Teese cheese – available from Bliss organic and selected health food/wholefood stores.
  • Notzarella cheese – available from Everything Vegan.
  • Sheese cream cheese and block cheese varieties – available from Everything Vegan and selected health food/wholefoods stores.
  • Tofutti cheese slices (mozzarella and American style), cream cheese and ricotta cheese – available from Everything Vegan, selected Coles, Woolworths and IGA supermarkets and selected health food/wholefoods stores.
  • Cheezly Cheese varieties including Parmesan, Cheddar, Mozzarella, Edam and Blue available from some supermarkets and Health food stores.
  • Kingland Soy Mayonnaise, Cream Cheese, Soya Cheese.


  • DSC02168-300x211Soy Life, various flavors – Available at most supermarkets.
  • Coyo – Mango & Passion Fruit
  • Babushka Almond Yoghurt – Berry & Apricot
  • Kingland Yogurts – Plain, mixed berry & strawberry.
  • Redwood ‘wot no dairy’ yoghurt – Available from everything vegan.


  • Coles brand lemon sorbet – available from Coles
  • Gelativo sorbet – available from Coles and Woolworths supermarkets
  • Sanitarium So Good vanilla and chocolate ice cream – available from coles, woolworths, IGA and Foodland supermarkets.
  • So Delicious dairy free almond milk ice cream – available from Goodies and grains in Adelaide.
  • So Good Chocolate Supreme and Vanilla Bliss are great ice cream substitutes and are found in supermarket freezers.
  • Weis Fruit flavoured sorbets (Berry, Mango, Lemon, Passionfruit/Orange and Pineapple/Tahitian Lime also in the freezer.
  • Nushies Natural – Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Tiramisu & Green Tea flavours in 90ml + 500ml tubs. These are plan oil free & some flavours also soy free.
  • Coyo Cherry & Choc Nibs.
  • CocoLuscious – Vanilla, Chocolate, Raspberry, Blueberry, Choc Chip Cookie Dough, Peppermint. All palm oil free.
  • Live a Little Gelato – Cinnamon Chai, Fresh mint & Dark Chocolate, Orange Zest, Chocolate, Lemon Sorbet and Vanilla Bean.
  • Botanical Cuisine – gingerbread, french vanilla & chocolate.
  • Tofutti – Ice cream in vanilla, choc, Marry Me Bars, Flower Pops and Tofutti Cuties.


Some Black Swan and Wattle Valley brand dips are dairy-free. Just check ingredients list.


There are many dairy–free chocolates:

  • DSC02176-300x228Sweet William (varieties including Choc bits for cooking and White Delight), Loving Earth, Alter Ego varieties, Funky Chocolat.
  • Whittakers Blocks (Dark chocolate 50%, Dark Almond, Dark Ghana 72%, Peppermint, Rum & Raisin, Dark Orange) and Dark Peanut slab.
  • Eskal Noble Choice (Choc mint, Choc & raspberries, Choc & almonds or Dark choc). – Available from Coles, IGA and Everything Vegan.
  • Sweet William chocolate range (original, white, nutty crunch, rice crackle, sweet as, choc chips and chocolate spread) – available from Coles, Woolworths, IGA, Big W and Everything Vegan.
  • Loving earth RAW chocolate blocks (coconut mylk, Lucuma maca, orange and gubinge, mild chilli, dark chocolate, crunchy mint, sour cherry and acai, and almond and purple corn) – Available from selected health food/whole food stores, Bliss organic and Everything Vegan.
  • Bonvita organic ricemilk chocolate blocks (blueberries, orange, white, and milk)- Available from Everything Vegan.
  • Seed and bean chocolate blocks (lemon and cardamon, madarin ginger, lavender, coffee, chilli lime, cornish sea salt, extra dark, coconut raspberry, and mint) – Available from Everything Vegan.
  • Holy cow golden crunch (vegan violet crumble) – available from Everything Vegan.Plamil organic chocolate blocks (rum and raisin, ginger, mint, luxury, no added sugar, and orange) – Available from health food/whole food stores and Everything Vegan.
  • Green and black’s organic dark chocolate – Available from most supermarkets.
  • Drinking Chocolate : Loving Earth (Health food stores), Cadbury Drinking Chocolate (Original, Mint, Caramel)


All Orgran brand products are dairy-free, so choose their Custard Powder, Pastry Mixes, biscuits etc.

Non-dairy refrigerated items that are available online & at Everything Vegan:


Non-dairy panty items available online & at Everything Vegan:


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