How to go Dairy-Free

Weaning yourself, for the second time

For most of our evolutionary past, we drank our mother’s milk until weaning and then no more. Most animals are the same. But for many Australians, cutting out dairy is like a second weaning. The smooth fatty feel of dairy products is comforting for them. But dairy products, in their natural form, are extremely high in saturated fat. Our health page explains some of the advantages to cutting out dairy, and it will be easier than you think.

Start by eliminating dairy snacks between meals, those tubs of yoghurt or slabs of cheese that you eat more as comfort-food than as a meal. Instead, grab an apple, some strawberries or a slice of melon. If you are overweight, then eliminating fatty snacks will be doubly beneficial.

Next you will need to learn some new recipes. Globally, milk is a minority food, so the cuisines of many countries are rich in dairy-free recipes.

Once your taste buds adjust to the fresh light taste of an increased intake of fruit, vegetables and grains, you will increasingly recognise that the fat of dairy products makes you feel slow and sluggish.